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The Truth About Mental Health

Despite the belief that mental health is not as important physical health, in today’s society, we are learning that there is nothing farther from the truth. Our mental health effects the very fabric of our being from the nourishment that we take in to fuel and feed our bodies to how we respond to everyday life stressors and situations. There are multiple mental health conditions that individuals can be diagnosed with from depression, mood disorders, psychosis, and or substance abuse. However, with therapy and medication, individuals with mental health disorders can and do live healthy, productive and happy lives.

One of the most detrimental responses to mental health disorders is stigma. It stifles understanding the individual with mental illness and creates bias hindering effective treatment. One of the best methods for fighting stigma is understanding and attaining knowledge about the illness to help individuals in need. This is involves utilizing resources such as NAMI, the Depression Bipolar Society Alliance (DBSA) as well peer support services provided thru AA and NA. Equally effectively is the act of human kindness and listening. So, the next time you encounter someone with mental health issues be mindful that we all experience tribulations but consider how you would want to be treated if it were you or your loved one in the situation.

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